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  1. Users who navigate the website can ask questions speaking naturally, and the system finds their answers. This process requires artificial intelligence and generic algorithms to interpret and understand what users ask and find the best results.

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    We use natural language processing to match questions with answers, those are at your knowledge base. Also, you have access to see and manage all the user's dialogues, improving the results using our unique trainer feature. The trainer allows you with just clicks, improves the matching, adding related questions, synonyms, or new unanswered questions to build your own amazing knowledge base.

    Having all those questions public, you are saving a tremendous time and giving a better self-service to an online world.

  2. Marketeer is a window to interact with your customers. It's a sophisticated marketing tool that improves your self-service, helping to engage, convert and retain your customers. Marketeer helps to give a 24x7 online support. Also can work in sales, adding automated proactivity or sending targeted messages.

    It includes intelligent auto-responder, hybrid human-machine live chat, a support center portal, a contact tracking history and CRM Capabilities.

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  3. The machine learning is the unique functionality of Marketeer that helps agents record the conversation and learns from that!

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  4. Marketeer was created for companies to engage more and in the right way, whereas getting a better understanding of their customers. Marketeer is a Lean Startup, based on solve real problems and give the right solution with least amount of resources.

  5. It's simple. Marketeer saves you time and money.

    Marketeer provides a 24x7 service that can automatically engage every visitor using human-like conversation to capture leads, or intelligently escalate to a live agent. Marketeer can talk with your customers in real-time and the process of adding information is very simple. You can add information to your Knowledge Base directly or let Marketeer learns from your interactions with your customers thanks to our unique machine learning system.

    Marketeer proactively talks to users and offers its help. Users can decide whether to have a self-service or to be transferred to a live agent. Also, you can create rules for capturing leads. For example: "After 5 seconds on the pricing page, ask something that a live agent can help them with".

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  6. You can try Marketeer for free by creating an account and using our 14-days trial period.

    When you sign up, you instantly get access to all the features for 14 days. No credit card is necessary. We will email you when your trial expires. You can then select a plan and pay by credit card to continue using the product. If you choose not to continue, your account will expire. But we're confident you'll love it.

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